Emergency Support & Business Continuity

md first logoThis program is divided into two sub-programs:

  • Emergency Support: Lead State Agency (LSA) for the Electronic Infrastructure State Coordinating Function (SCF)
  • Business Continuity: Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Records Management Program

Emergency Support: Supporting MEMA's (Maryland Emergency Management Agency) Maryland Emergency Management System (MEMS), DoIT is the Lead State Agency (LSA) for the Electronic Infrastructure State Coordinating Function (SCF). This role deals with disaster risk reduction and consequence management activities and is managed by the State Agency Emergency Coordinator (EC), who, for DoIT, is the Director of Statewide Interoperable Communications. The EC serves as the liaison to MEMA and coordinates a DoIT group of State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) representatives who stand watch in the SEOC during emergency activations.

Business Continuity: This role deals with the developing, coordinating, maintaining, updating, training and exercising of DoIT's Continuity of Operations (COOP) plan and the Records Management Program. The COOP plan provides the framework that ensures essential functions and services will continue in the event of an emergency. Its goal is to reestablish essential functions within 12 hours after the event and maintain the essential functions for up to 30 days. The Records Management Program safeguards the security and integrity of what has been classified as DoIT’s essential records for the continuing operations of DoIT. In the event of an emergency or disaster, the preservation and security of these records are needed to maintain DoIT's essential operations and continuity.

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