Financial Management Information System (FMIS)

Financial Management Information System(FMIS) is the official accounting system of record for the State of Maryland comprised of accounting, purchasing and inventory, and reporting applications.

Service Level Objective (SLO):

FMIS has a 99.9% uptime service level objective; excluding planned outages, maintenance windows and unavoidable events.

Features and Benefits:

  • Relational Standard Accounting and Reporting System(R*STARS) is the State’s accounting system which controls the appropriations, disbursements and receipts of state funds. There are various accounting functions integrated into RSTARS: Budgeting, Fixed Asset Accounting, Cost Allocation, Document Tracking, General Ledger Accounting, Revenue Expenditure Accounting, Project and Grant Accounting, 1099 Processing, Federal and State Liability Offset, and Payment Processing
  • Advanced Purchasing Inventory Control System (ADPICS) - automates many of the activities related to procurement, receiving, payables, and inventory functions. ADPICS provides a comprehensive set of reports and online inquiries that are used to present procurement and inventory data maintained by the system. ADPICS reports include table listing and security reports as well as procurements, payables, and inventory reports.
  • Two auxiliary Reporting Systems exist in addition to the standard ADPICS and R*STARS reports. FOCUS/ADHOC is a reporting system that provides end-user access to R*STARS and ADPICS data from a single mainframe repository site. The intent is not to replace the existing FMIS standard reports, but rather enhance the end-user’s capabilities by adding another level of information retrieval to what is already a comprehensive assortment of standard reports. Currently, the FOCUS/ADHOC database contains a large subset of data from the two applications. Users can view data from R*STARS and ADPICS systems in one FOCUS session (depending on their security clearance). ADHOC reporting also offers a comprehensive selection of standardized, menu driven reports to choose from. ANSWERS is a WEB based reporting application that provides ADPICS reports including MBE, SBR, YEC and BPOs.
  • Eligible: All State Agencies

    Availability (Uptime): FMIS Production On-Line Operating Hours
    R*STARS/ADPICS/FOCUS: Monday through Saturday 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Sunday: The system is unavailable on Sundays. On weeks that Friday is a Holiday, the previous work day will be considered a Friday for reporting purposes. This statement is also true when it is the last Friday of the month. Interface files are picked up on Holidays (with the exception of Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day) at approximately the same time they are picked up during a regular work day - 6:30 pm. These files are processed during the next work day’s batch cycle. Please note—there is a 3 pm deadline to have interface files submitted

    Standard Support Hours: 7am – 9pm Monday- Friday

    Exceptions:The Service Desk is not available during State Holidays or Service Reduction Days

    Response (to incident) Time: Within two hours during normal operating hours.

    Resolution (of incident) Time: Best Effort, depending on complexity

    Maintenance Windows: Sundays and as scheduled and announced through the Service Desk and the Informer

    Security – Password via the application

    Business Critical Service: Yes; Recovery Time Objective– 24 hours

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