Maryland Geo Share

​Maryland Geo Share is the second of Maryland's ArcGIS Online (AGOL) organizations, on Esri’s cloud platform. This resource is an online collection of data, maps, apps, tools, and geographic knowledge dedicated to collaboration and partnerships between the local, regional, universities and state Geographic Information Systems (GIS) user communities. MD Geo Share facilitates data and information sharing during emergencies and steady state to help Maryland be a more resilient, prepared and responsive state.

Service Level Objective (SLO):

Maryland Geo Share has a 99.9% uptime service level objective; excluding planned outages, maintenance windows and unavoidable events.

Features and Benefits:

MD Geo Share is empowering local, regional and university GIS user communities to collaborate with the state and each other, which in turns allows the state to collaborate with and provide a “boots on the ground” view to federal government agency partners. An additional benefit is the ability for Emergency Managers and GIS users within local jurisdictions to host, maintain and share a suite of damage collection tools.
  • Collaborate with other geospatial data users based on areas of interest or events.
  • Obtain access to a centralized repository of current maps, apps, data, tools and geospatial expertise.
  • Enable the use of data collection-based applications that can be quickly deployed to field staff.
  • Conduct analysis and obtain analytical conclusions, on-the-fly, with built in tools and functions.
  • Collaborate and share resources with ArcGIS Online users from other AGOL organizations.
  • Access a common operating picture during emergencies that is real-time and interactive.
Eligible:  Employees or contractors of local, regional, universities or public authority within the State of Maryland who do not already have access to their own ArcGIS Online organization.  State employees or Contractors performing work on behalf of the State, please visit the ArcGIS Online for Maryland organization to obtain an account.
Availability (Uptime): 24 hours / 365 days
Standard Support Hours:  7am – 9am Monday - Friday
Exceptions: The Service Desk is not available during State Holidays or Service Reduction Days
Response (to incident) Time: Based on priority, see SLA
Resolution (of incident) Time: Based on priority, see SLA
Maintenance Windows: Esri pushes updates without any disruption of service
Security – Password via the application
Business Critical Service: Yes; Recovery Time – 4 hours

Request the Service

To request this service, please email DoIT Service Desk at

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