Security Program Strategy

​​The DoIT cybersecurity team maintains a robust, consistent baseline of cybersecurity policies, guidelines, and services that agencies can utilize to protect their core mission activities and information assets. The team brings experience, discipline, and creativity to the development of effective cybersecurity strategies and their cost-effective implementation, both at the agency level and to establish an overarching, statewide standard. We can:
  • Help agencies identify and protect their core information assets and processes and develop cybersecurity strategies consistent with best-practices and established standards.
  • Assist with security-related contingency planning
  • Assist with defining security-related, risk-management requirements
  • Advise and assist development of incident-handling requirements
  • Help agencies develop a roadmap to a more mature state of cybersecurity (see Security Architecture and Implementation services)
  • Help agencies align cybersecurity protections with both agency goals and broader, statewide standardized practices
  • Help identify compliance requirements and provide guidance and services to meet them
  • Provide security education and training for users and technology support personnel, i.e., for both public-facing service providers and back-end technology maintainers

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