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networkMaryland™ Introduces IPv6 Support to its Customers

networkMaryland™, Maryland’s high-speed data network for public sector use operated by the Department of Information Technology, announces the availability of IPv6 support for its customers. IPv6, the next generation addressing protocol and successor to IPv4, was created to handle the exponential growth in devices connecting to the Internet. IPv6 allows the network to keep pace with the Internet’s growth rate indefinitely, supporting developments such as the Internet of Things.
networkMaryland™ customers now have the ability to use next generation protocol to future proof their network addressing, ensuring their ability to grow into the foreseeable future. This development underscores how networkMaryland continues to adapt to the technical landscape of broadband service providers, a tribute to the leadership in Maryland that continues to support this piece of critical infrastructure.
Customers interested in subscribing to networkMaryland™ wide area network services or inquiring about consulting services, please go to the  Request for Services section below and follow the instructions for Network Service Request (NSR) or Consulting Services Request (CSR).

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networkMaryland™ is the statewide high-speed network for public sector use. The network was created from an initiative to utilize resource shared fiber optic cable assets throughout the state to provide affordable, high-speed bandwidth to all areas of the State and to provide a cost savings to the citizens of the State of Maryland. Moving forward, networkMaryland™ will provide WAN connectivity for all public entities in the State to improve the economy of scale by coordinating joint network build-outs, consolidation of services and by providing the necessary information for proper network growth.