CATS+ Request For Resume (RFR) Process

Please note:
An RFR is a solicitation document that describes specifics regarding acquisition of dedicated resource(s) to supplement State staff on a temporary basis. A single support staff or support groups of up to five members may be engaged for up to six months without renewal options. A single award for a Major IT Development Project Manager may have tenure of one base year with up to two optional years, or through the end of the project within the Master Contract term. An RFR is limited to only labor categories defined in this RFP.

An RFR will be issued to Master Contractors in the one single functional area the State determines to be the best fit for the subject RFR. DoIT, in its sole discretion, will determine which solicitation format, TORFP or RFR, is the most appropriate.

Step One: Determine validity for the RFR process. See the guidance document What you need to know about RFRs.  There are only two viable options:

  • Need for short term (up to six month) support, may be individual or group. This solution is intended to provide time to competitively solicit a long term solution.
  • Need for one Project Management Professional (PMP), may be up to 5 years (length of CATS+  master contract). Use TORFP process if PM team is needed.

Step Two: RFR content:

Step Three: Submit to DoIT ( for approval prior to release.

Step Four: Upon written DoIT approval, release to all MCs in the one approved functional area.

Step Five: Evaluate in accordance with prescribed, established and best practice guidelines.

Step Six: Submit Award Recommendation to DoIT (

Step Seven: Proceed with Award as directed by DoIT.