Data Telecommunications Master Contract



​The Data Telecommunications Services RFP is intended to allow the State of Maryland to obtain Data Services (DS) for Wide Band Digital Data Services (DDS), Wireless Access, and Last Mile Access by providing multiple Master Contractors the opportunity to propose to Purchase Order Requests for Proposals (PORFP) for specific services.

Note: Given the nature of the commodities and services procured under this contract, and in consideration of feedback from the master contractors, the minimum amount of time that a PORFP will be released to the master contractors will be *seven (7) business days*.

The three Functional Areas under this RFP are:

  • Functional Area I – Wide Band DDS
    • Wide Band services to provide data transport to the State in formats including but not limited to: DS-1, DS-3, OC-3, and OC-12. These services do not require Ethernet Delivery to the State

  • Functional Area II – Wireless Access Data Services
    • Wireless Data service to diversify options for Last Mile Connectivity, as well as to provide wireless access to State data devices such that they can remain "on network" for the State.

  • Functional Area III – Last Mile Access Data Services
    • Last Mile Access service to provide the State with access to local carriers that can provide an Ethernet delivery to the subscribers. This includes, but is not limited to, DSL, Fiber Optic Services, and DOCSIS. This may also include IP Services such as MPLS.


Open Enrollment Windows

The State of Maryland will make this Data Telecommunications RFP available to additional Master Contractors every three years for the duration of the contract, starting in 2017.​