Desktop, Laptop and Tablet 2015 Master Contract: PORFP Procedures

These guidelines outline agency procedures for initiating and executing a Purchase Order Request for Proposals (PORFP) under the Desktop, Laptop and Tablet 2015 Master Contract. This process applies to purchases under the following Functional Areas (FA): 

  • Desktops, Laptops, Ruggedized Laptops, Monitors and Associated Peripherals (FA I);
  • Tablets, Ruggedized Tablets, Monitors and Associated Peripherals (FA II);
  • Installation (FA III); or
  • Manufacturer’s Hardware Maintenance (FA IV);

A purchase under FA III is only allowed in conjunction with a purchase under any combination of FA I and II. Questions regarding this process should be sent to​

PORFP Procedures 

  1. Identify the corresponding Desktop, Laptop and Tablet 2015 Master Contract Functional Area or Areas. See Functional Areas: Descriptions/Examples.

  2. Follow ADPICS Procedures to create an agency Purchase Order (PO). The PO number becomes the “PORFP Number” used to identify the PORFP.

  3. Complete all sections of the PORFP Template. For guidance, refer to the PORFP Template Instructions and PORFP Template Sample #1 or PORFP Template Sample #2.  Complete the PORFP template as follows: 

    1. Section 1 - General Information: Captures PORFP Number (ADPICS PO Number), FA selections, Manufacturer*, Small Business Reserve (SBR) designation, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) goal for FA III**, proposal due date, and agency instructions governing the provision of products/services. The issuing Agency Procurement Officer and MBE Liaison will assess the potential for an MBE subcontractor participation goal for the PORFP and shall set a goal if appropriate.

      *Only one manufacturer is allowed per PORFP.

      If a MBE Sub-contracting Goal is established:
      **An MBE Participation Worksheet is required for all purchases under FA III to describe the MBE goal to be achieved through subcontracting. Refer to the MBE Worksheet Guidelines and  MBE Worksheet. The Worksheet is required for any PORFP issued under FA III with an issuing Agency established Goal.

    2. Section 2 - Agency Point of Contact (POC) Information: Captures the contact information of the agency representative responsible for the PORFP.

    3. Section 3 - Delivery Address / Worksite POC Information (if different from above): Captures the contact information of a secondary agency representative as needed if the delivery or work site address differs from the information captured in Section 2.

    4. Section 4 – Scope of Work: The scope of work should include the following information by selected FA: 

      • FA I and II - Detailed description of the business need, required functionality, product name and description, model numbers, quantity, and due date for delivery. If product specifics are unknown, Master Contractors may propose products based on a detailed description of the business need / required functionality. 
      • FA III – Description of required installation services. Include any unique requirements, for example restrictions on the time of day work can be performed. Purchases under FA III must be in conjunction with purchases under FA I, II, and/or IV. NOTE - A purchase under FA III is only allowed in conjunction with a purchase under any combination of FA I, II, and/or IV. 
      • FA IV – Description of required Manufacturer’s Hardware Warranty / Maintenance and any associated deliverables. Include any unique requirements, for example restrictions on the time of day work can be performed. Indicate the start and end dates for services.

    5. Section 5 – Evaluation Criteria – Technical Proposal: Communicates to the Master Contractors how their technical proposals will be evaluated. Criteria should be objective and aligned to the SOW, prioritized in order of importance in order to identify the best value proposal.

  4. Email the PORFP to the Master Contractors in the applicable FA that sell the required manufacturer product line or supporting services. If the manufacturer is not known, email the PORFP to all Master Contractors in the FA. To create the email, go to Select Master Contractor Contact List for solicitations from the Agency Service Center page. Follow the prompts to filter, select, and export the appropriate list of Master Contractors to email. 

    Note - for a PORFP designated as a SBR, select and email the PORFP only to Master Contractors certified as SBRs.   For agencies designated in the SBR Program, PORFPs that are not SBR only require written approval from the agency MBE / SBR liaison or designee.
  5. Upon receipt of the PORFP, the Master Contractors should prepare and submit proposals or a Desktop, Laptop and Tablet 2015 Master Contractor Feedback Form (See Step 6 below) in response to the PORFP. Proposals should provide two separate sections as follows:

    1. Technical Proposal 

      • Description of the Hardware to be provided;
      • Transportation and delivery schedule; 
      • Description of how the Master Contractor will provide the required installation (FA III only) and/or manufacturer’s warranty and/or maintenance (FA IV only) to be provided; Master Contractors proposing under FA III must submit a Certified MBE Utilization and Fair Solicitation Affidavit and MBE Participation Schedule. See Attachment D under the Desktop, Laptop and Tablet 2015 RFP for guidance. 
      • Warranty terms; 
      • A statement that the Master Contractor is authorized by the manufacturer or distributor to provide Hardware or services as of the date of the proposal; 
      • Mercury Affidavit and; 
      • A guarantee that any operating software provided with the Hardware is virus free.

    2. Financial Proposal 
      • For FA I, FA II, and FA IV, the proposed price including a screen shot of the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP); and 
      • For FA III, the price for the proposed services, either fixed price or time and materials, as designed in the PORFP.

  6. The agency POC or designee will receive proposals from the Master Contractors that choose to respond to the PORFP. If a Master Contractor chooses not to submit a proposal, the Master Contractor must submit a Desktop, Laptop and Tablet 2015 Master Contractor Feedback Form to the agency POC or designee. If any Master Contractor fails to submit a proposal or feedback form by the proposal due date, the agency POC or designee will follow-up with the Master Contractor to request submission of a feedback form.

  7. The agency POC or designee reviews the technical proposals for adherence to the requirements defined in the PORFP.

  8. The agency POC or designee establishes a process to evaluate technical proposals based on the evaluation criteria in the PORFP. The evaluation will be conducted in accordance with all applicable State laws and regulations and may include requests for clarification, additional information and best and final offers.

  9. Upon completion of technical rankings, the agency POC or designee reviews the financial proposals for each qualified proposal. For FA I, FA II, FA III and FA IV the agency POC or designee will ensure the proposed pricing for the recommended proposal is at or below MSRP. For a FA III time and material PORFP, the agency POC or designee compares the financial proposal for the recommended proposal to the labor rates published for that Master Contractor. Labor rates can be found under Master Contractor Contact/Pricing Information on the Desktop-Laptop 2015 Contract Links list. If a single bid is received, a price justification is required.

  10. The agency makes an award based on best value, considering technical and financial criteria (See “Basis for Award” Section of PORFP template).

  11. Approvals of awards less than $25,000 are delegated to the agency. For approval of any award over $25,000, the agency must complete aPORFP Award Package Checklist and email it with all required parts to DoIT at

  12. Complete the PO created in Step 2 and post the PO according to ADPICS Procedures. Upon approval of the PO by DoIT, print, sign and fax a copy to the selected Master Contractor.

  13. Notify all Master Contractors who submitted a proposal in response to the PORFP of the selected Master Contractor and the amount of the award.

  14. Products will be shipped directly to the Requesting Agency address included in the PO. Agencies are responsible for following up with the Master Contractor directly concerning the status of the order, as well as subsequent invoice and product / service concerns.


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