GIS Software Master Contract | ADPICS Procedures

​​The following outlines the procedures for GIS software and/or services available through the GIS Software Master Contract. All Executive Branch agencies are required to create reference BPO releases in State ADPICS against blanket purchase order (BPO) #060B6400028. The procedures are effective August 1, 2016.

Advanced Purchasing/ Inventory Blanket Purchase Order Screenshot 

  • Agencies should create a direct purchase order release as the document number if the product/service requested is to be paid in the current fiscal year.
  • Agencies should create a reference BPO purchase release if products/services are being paid over multiple fiscal years.
  • Click here to view the Reference Blanket Purchase Order User Guide​
  • Agencies may change the DOC type or use the default. A specific DOC type is not required since the commodity codes are linked to DoIT by commodity approval processing.
  • The direct PO and reference BPO are automatically routed via commodity approval processing to DoIT Procurement for review in ADPICS mailbox 060P1, level 800.
  • Agencies can monitor the status of the ADPICS document through ADPICS via the active document screen (PCHL 9220) or archive screen (PCHL 9230). In most cases, you will receive an email from DoIT indicating the updated document status.