GIS Software Master Contract: Functional Areas


Functional Area I - Desktop/Server Software

Under Functional Area I, the Master Contractor shall furnish GIS software for any of:

  1. Desktops
  2. Servers
  3. Standalone desktops software products
  4. Server-based software to be used in a concurrent user or license managed environment
  5. Extensions, add-ons or other modules that may be integrated with either desktop or server products

Functional Area II - Mobile Software

Under Functional Area II, the Master Contractor shall furnish GIS software that supports mobile GIS solutions, including but not limited to the following generic capabilities:

  1. Mobile devices (tablets, smart phones)
  2. Handheld survey devices
  3. Ability to operate in both connected and disconnected environments
  4. Supports customer developed and COTS applications
  5. Capable of supporting multiple mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, other)
  6. Extensions or add-ons offered

Functional Area III – Manufacturer’s Software Maintenance and Support

Manufacturer’s Software Maintenance and Support may be purchased at any time in conjunction with or separately from Functional Areas I and II. Master Contractors authorized by the manufacturer of the GIS software may only provide Manufacturer’s Software Maintenance and Support. Manufacturer’s Software Maintenance Support shall include, but is not limited to:

  1. Annual (or other frequency) maintenance of all software products offered;
  2. Updates and fixes at no cost during the maintenance period;
  3. Any no-cost technical or customer support though limited authorized State callers;
  4. Electronic media and consulting services, upgrades and enhancements for technology advancements, improved functionality, and compatibility with new industry standards;
  5. Direct access to experienced consultants of the software;
  6. Flexible service options including telephone or e-mail support;
  7. Timely problem resolution of reported discrepancies;
  8. Remote technical support; and
  9. Online self-help functions

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