AT&T Long Distance Services Ordering Procedures

Service Type – Long Distance Service

BPO: 060B1400058 (replaces 060B1400006)

Commodity Code: 99789-AT&T..
Description: Long Distance Calling Services

Agency Ordering Procedures:

  1. It is up to each agency to keep accurate records of phone lines and the long distance carrier for each line.  When a local phone line is added, changed or deleted, it is very important to ensure that AT&T long distance has been notified of the change.
  2. Many of the above services will be available through an online web portal.  For those without access to the internet, or the ability to connect to the AT&T portal application (Business Direct), you should contact the AT&T order department at 877-212-7900:
    • Choose option 1
    • Choose option 3
    • Enter extension 18602 (Nancy Efaw)
  3. DoIT will only be approving Purchase Orders or Direct Purchase Orders. DoIT will NOT approve Requisitions;
  4. The preferred method for the TSR process would be for the Agencies to create a Direct Purchase Order (as a release off of the Blanket Purchase Order).
    • If creating a Direct Purchase Order, once the document has advanced through the agency’s approval path, it will then proceed to the DoIT mailbox via the commodity approval path for final approval and posting;
  5. POs should be created to ensure that payments to AT&T for long distance services are tied to the BPO.
  6. The proper mail code to use to create the PO is 065.
  7. The proper mail code to use to pay invoices using the PO is 000.  Payments are made via EFT, so there is no requirement for an address match with the invoice.
  8. If rejected by DoIT, the document will be returned to the agency initiator for revision and DoIT will make note in the Note Pad why document was rejected. The agency would correct and re-submit the Purchase Order or Direct Purchase Order;
  9. Once DoIT approves, agency does not need to print and/or send the PO to AT&T.