Writing Solicitations for IT Products or IT Services

Technology Solicitation Templates

Templates are now available for information technology (IT) solicitations. Use of these templates for authoring IT procurements is required by all Agencies in order to complete the review and approval process. 

* Small Procurements handling Sensitive Data - Agencies issuing a small procurement where the Contractor hosts, manages, manipulates, or otherwise has access to Sensitive Data should contact DoIT for appropriate clauses associated with data security, data breach notifications, and other critical components.

Guidance for Authoring Technology Solicitations

Standard Forms

Approval to Release IT Solicitations - Reviews

Department of Information Technology (DoIT) reviews every IT solicitation greater than $25,000 through the IT Procurement Office (ITPO). ITPO will make every attempt possible to review and return solicitations within 14 calendar days after it is submitted. However, review times will depend greatly on the format and quality of the submitted document.

To complete the review process you will need to:

  • Start with the latest template, either from this site or by contacting ITPO directly (ITPO.DoIT@maryland.gov)
  • Contact ITPO to discuss your procurement plans before authoring. ITPO can provide guidance, timeline planning, and recent samples to aid the authoring process.
  • Provide signed Procurement Review Group (PRG) forms for any solicitation estimated at $200,000 or greater, indicating whether there are potential opportunities for MBE, SBR, and VSBE.

Review Practices

  • ITPO reviewers apply changes: Whenever possible, ITPO reviewers will make small adjustments to improve readability, formatting, and correct language. These changes may be made with change tracking off.
  • ITPO will often provide suggested language to help guide the Agency for required or recommended content. It is the Agency’s responsibility to review the suggested language and adjust as appropriate for the solicitation.