TTY Abbreviations

​To make a TTY-based Relay conversations move faster, generally accepted abbreviations have been developed for many commonly used words.

Conversational Controls

​GA ​Go​​ Ahead (to indicate that you are ready for the other person's response)
​SK ​Stop Keying (to end a conversation)
​GA to SK ​I'm Finished, But If You Have Something Else to Say, Go Ahead

Common Abbreviations

​ANS ​MACH ​Answering Machine
​APT ​Apartment
​APPT ​Appointment
​CC ​Closed Captioned
​CUZ ​Because
​HA HA HA To indicate something is funny/made you laugh/is a joke
​HD or HLD ​Hold
​HMMM To indicate that you are thinking about something
​HOH or HH ​Hard of Hearing
​ILY ​I Love You
​LV MSG ​Leave Message
​MTG ​Meeting
​NBR ​Number (Phone Number)
​OIC ​Oh, I See
​OPR ​Operator
​PBLM ​Problem
​PLS ​Please
​PLS HD ​Please Hold
​Q ​Question Mark
​R ​Are
​SMILE To indicate something makes you happy/is funny
​TERP ​Interpreter
​THK ​Thank
​THX ​Thanks
​THRU ​Through
​TMW ​Tomorrow
​U ​You
​UR ​Your
​URS ​Yours
​XOXO ​Hugs and Kisses
​XXXX ​​Indicates a typing error instead of backspacing


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