Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Division supports DoIT customers as a principal procurement unit by establishing and managing statewide IT and telecommunication contracts, overseeing the State’s inventory of major IT projects, and establishing and monitoring compliance with statewide policies and strategic plans. This division is made up of three sections:

IT Procurement Office is responsible for establishing statewide IT and telecommunication contracts and the effective and efficient management of these contracts; providing guidance and assistance to customer agencies in preparing high quality IT requests for proposals (RFP) and task order requests for proposals (TORFPs) that are consistent with state technical guidelines and standards; and processing IT and telecommunication procurements through the Board of Public Works.

Project Management Office is responsible for establishing and maintaining IT project management requirements in terms of executive sponsorship, project governance, and project execution; overseeing major IT projects undertaken by executive branch agencies; managing independent verification and validation activities; and managing the State’s Major Information Technology Project Development Fund.

Policy and Planning Office is responsible for establishing the policies and guidelines necessary for agencies to achieve the strategic objectives of the State’s Information Technology Master Plan; monitoring agency compliance to statewide policies and guidelines through agency specific IT Master Plans and IT Project Requests; and establishing policies and guidelines for the efficient and appropriate use of information technology and telecommunications systems.