Public Cloud Hosting via Amazon Web Services (Expired)

Participating Addendum #F50B4400073 via WSCA-NASPO Cooperative Purchasing Program Utah Contract #MA265

DoIT entered into a Participating Addendum with Day1 Solutions, Inc. to provide access to public cloud hosting products and services for both DoIT and other Maryland state agencies.

Agencies may issue their own Engagement Addendum(s) with Day1 via Participating Addendum F50B4400073 to take advantage of WSCA's Public Cloud Hosting contract portfolio scope, which includes:

  1. GIS Cloud Hosting Services: Includes cloud-hosting services specific to GIS services in the participating states.
  2. General Cloud Hosting Services: Includes general cloud hosting services not specific to GIS requirements.
  3. Cloud Provisioning Services: Includes access to cloud provisioning stacks that may be available to States for use with their internal cloud services and respondent cloud services.
  4. Consulting and Design Services: Includes consulting and design services available to the States from the respondent for implementation of cloud services

Day1 Solutions, Inc. utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its cloud-hosting platform and offers products and support for:

  • Application Hosting
  • Database Services
  • DB Instances (Bring Your Own License or BYOL)
  • Non-Relational Database (DynamoDB)
  • Storage
  • Data Transfer
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Consulting Services
  • Amazon WorkDocs/WorkMail
  • Other Cloud Services

Please see Day1's WSCA Cost Schedule on the Contract Pricing page for more information.