Telecom Billing Audit Services TORFP Ordering Procedures

This page outlines the process for developing, soliciting and executing a Task Order Request for Proposals (TORFP) pursuant to the Telecommunications Billing Audit Services RFP.

The Agency will prepare a TORFP using the Telecommunications Billing Audit Services Contract TORFP Template.

  1. The Agency will prepare a purchase order release against the Blanket Purchase Order via the ADPICS Procedures to obtain a TORFP number.
  2. The Agency Assistant Attorney General will approve the draft TORFP (optional).
  3. The Agency will submit the approved TORFP to​ for procurement review.
  4. Once approved by DoIT, the TO Procurement Officer will release the TORFP to all Master Contractors.
  5. The TO Manager will form an evaluation committee. The committee will include project stakeholders, as well as technical and subject matter experts.
  6. The Agency TO Procurement Officer will receive Technical and Financial Task Order Proposals (TO Proposals) from the Master Contractors that choose to respond to the TORFP. Master Contractors deciding not to submit a TO Proposal are to login to the Master Contractor Admin System to complete and submit a Master Contractor Feedback Form to include the reasons why.
  7. The Agency TO Procurement Officer will deliver the technical proposals to the evaluation committee. The evaluation committee, with the Agency TO Procurement Officer’s guidance, will conduct an evaluation of all TO Proposals, in accordance with applicable State laws and regulations and the terms of the RFP and TORFP. This may include requests for clarification, oral presentations, and best and final offers (BAFO).
  8. The evaluation committee will establish the technical rankings based on the evaluation criteria outlined in the TORFP. Upon completion of technical rankings, the TO Procurement Officer will forward to the evaluation committee the financial proposals for each qualified TO Proposal. The TO Procurement Officer may request a BAFO from the Master Contractor for each qualified TO Proposal. The evaluation committee will establish the financial ranking and the combined technical and financial ranking for each qualified TO Proposal and recommend an awardee based on best value. The committee must validate that the Master Contractor being recommended for award has not exceeded their proposed maximum commission rate by comparing the proposed rate to those posted on the Master Contractor Contact/Pricing Information web page.
  9. The TO Procurement Officer will submit the TORFP award determination to for approval to include:
    • An award recommendation summarizing the evaluation and selection process:
    • A technical, financial and combined ranking of each qualified TO Proposal; and
    • Rationale for selecting the recommended Master Contractor's TO Proposal for award.
  10. The ITPO will review the TORFP award determination document and notify the TO Procurement Officer of approval/rejection.
  11. After ITPO approval, the TO Procurement Officer will notify the recommended Master Contractor of the award. Using the Task Order Agreement (TO Agreement) template, the TO Procurement Officer will complete the TO Agreement and forward it to the recommended Master Contractor.
  12. The recommended Master Contractor will sign and email a PDF file of the TO Agreement to the TO Procurement Officer.
  13. The TO Procurement Officer will notify all other Master Contractors that submitted a TO Proposal of the Master Contractor selected for award. Upon request, the Agency will provide debriefings to the Master Contractors not selected.
  14. The Agency will forward the signed TO Agreement to, update the purchase order created in Step 1 above with TO Financial Proposal information, and submit the purchase order to ITPO for approval.
  15. Once ITPO approves the purchase order in ADPICS, the TO Procurement Officer will send the following documents to the selected Master Contractor, with a copy to the ITPO:
    • Signed purchase order;
    • Fully executed TO agreement; and
    • Notice to Proceed.

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