The Networks Division coordinates the development, management and operations of the statewide data network known as networkMaryland™, development, management and operations of the State’s wireless infrastructure. The Networks Division includes the following sections:

networkMaryland™ is the State’s private high-speed network that supports public sector data transport and common service delivery. Built using a combination of existing fiber optic cable assets and the installation of additional fiber and wireless infrastructure, networkMaryland™ provides a cost effective solution for wide area connectivity, Internet connectivity, the Statewide Government Intranet that allows agencies to host and share common applications, and Intra-LATA transport services allowing networkMaryland™ customers to forego the long distance costs associated with a public network.

Wireless Communications Unit The professionals of this unit manage the design, procurement and construction of the State’s wireless infrastructure in partnership with other State and local government agencies; provide radio frequency coordination for State and local agencies in accordance with FCC regulations; and review and coordinate requests by agencies to acquire radio and microwave communication equipment.

Voice Systems manages six (6) statewide voice contracts, assists agencies with project management and technical expertise and reviews vendor generated invoices.  The Voices Systems Unit also manages eighteen (18) PBXs, and both the Baltimore State Office Complex and the Annapolis Complex PBXs.  The Baltimore and Annapolis complex PBXs provide telecommunications services for more than 16,000 users.