Consulting and Technical Services+ (CATS+) ADPICS Procedures

  • ​The following ADPICS Procedures are effective May 1, 2021. All Executive Branch agencies are required to create releases in State ADPICS against the blanket purchase order's (BPO's) as follows: BPO # 060B2490023 - used for renewal options and change orders on existing contracts. BPO # 060B0610032- used for ALL new contract awards.
  • Agencies should create a reference BPO purchase release as the TORFP or RFR number.
  • A reference BPO allows for Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) subcontracting payment collection. Agencies should record MBE subcontractor payments (D-6 Form) in the PCHL2345 screen. Agencies can perform MBE reporting in FMIS and ANSWERS report system.
  • View the CATS Plus Reference Blanket Purchase Order User Guide
ADPICS BPO screen 

PART A: Task Order Request for Proposal (TORFP) Solicitation

  • ADPICS BPO security will be required for anyone who is planning on creating those document types in ADPICS. See your Agency FMIS coordinator to verify you have security or to fill out new forms. Also make sure the Subcontractor Entry Screen 2345 and the Subcontractor Invoice Information screen 2355 are also included in your request. Agencies are responsible for MBE reporting based on the CATS+ Master Contract procedures.
  • Validate or setup your agency ADPICS Initiating Department Approval Paths. (Note: This is an agency’s internal approval path and should not include DoIT Procurement or the Board of Public Works).
  • After the ADPICS document is created, it will remain unposted in ADPICS until the TORFP or RFR award process is ready for award.
  • The initial vendor code on all reference BPO will default to 1002606044 CATS PLUS.

PART B: Award

  • Upon completion of the TORFP or RFR solicitation, agencies will be ready to make an award recommendation. Prior to submitting the ADPICS reference BPO, agencies shall submit via email to the​ mailbox all of the required award documentation.
  • Post the reference BPO in ADPICS approval processing to DoIT Procurement for review and final posting.
  • Select the Master Contractor to be awarded the TORFP from the PCHL2349, on the BPO Vendor Selection screen. There are many master contractors on the CATS+ Master Contract, so use caution when selecting the awarded Master Contractor & deleting all other Master Contractors copied over when the reference BPO was created from the Master Contract BPO.
  • If the Master Contractor you want to make an award to is not on the CATS+ Master Contract BPO, email​ DGS Catsplus and request the vendor be added (vendor must be on DoIT website as awarded a contract). Include the  vendor’s name, federal ID number and address.
ADPICS BPO screen 
  • Select the commodity from PCHL2348, BPO detail screen, for the functional area that matches the TORFP or RFR document issued to the master contractors. Delete all others that copied over to the reference BPO from the Master CATS+ BPO.

    The scope of this solicitation encompasses the following 17 functional areas:
    1) Enterprise Service Provider - 92020-FA1CAT
    2) Web and Internet Systems - 92020-FA2CAT
    3) Electronic Document Management - 92020-FA3CAT
    4) Geographical Information Systems - 92020-FA4CAT
    5) Software Engineering - 92020-FA5CAT
    6) Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance - 92020-FA5CAT
    7) Information System Security - 92020-FA7CAT
    8) Application Service Provider - 92020-FA8CAT
    9) IT and Telecommunications Financial and Auditing Consulting Services - 92020-FA9CAT
    10) IT Management Consulting Services - 92020-FA10CAT
    11) Business Process Consulting Services - 92020-FA11CAT
    12) Tower Site Preparation - 92020-FA12CAT
    13) Tower Installation - 92020-FA13CAT
    14) Tower Equipment Installation and Services - 92020-FA14CAT
    15) Electronic Benefits Transfer - 92020-FA15CAT
    16) Media and Training Center Support - 92020-FA16CAT
    17) Documentation/Technical Writing - 92020-FA17CAT

  • Agencies may change the DOC type or use the default. A specific DOC type is not required since the commodity codes are linked to DoIT by commodity approval processing.
  • The reference BPO will automatically be routed via commodity approval processing to DoIT Procurement for review in ADPICS mailbox 060P1, level 800.
  • Agencies can monitor the status of the ADPICS document through ADPICS via the active document screen (PCHL 9220) or archive screen (PCHL 9230). In most cases, you will receive an email from DoIT indicating the updated document status.
  • After a reference BPO is authorized by DoIT Procurement and posted, the agency will need to create a purchase order (PO) release from the posted reference BPO. The PO will also need DoIT Procurement approval. No additional documentation will be required for the PO approval. After DoIT approves the PO; the agency should sign & send it to the Master Contractor awarded the TORFP or RFR.
  • Agencies should follow-up with the Master Contractor directly concerning the status of the initial purchase as well as subsequent invoice or service concerns.

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