Substitutions of Personnel Under CATS+

​Post Award
Sections labeled Substitution of Personnel applies to substitutions after the TO Agreement has been awarded. Once awarded, the Master Contractor/s are required to replace resources named in the TO Proposal, if necessary.

Prior to Task Order execution or within thirty (30) days after Task Order execution, the Offeror may substitute proposed Key Personnel only under the following circumstances: vacancy occurs due to the sudden termination, resignation, or approved leave of absence due to an Extraordinary Personnel Event, or death of such personnel. To qualify for such substitution, the Offeror must describe to the State's satisfaction the event necessitating substitution and must demonstrate that the originally proposed personnel are actual full-time direct employees with the Offeror (subcontractors, temporary staff or 1099 contractors do not qualify). Proposed substitutions shall be of equal caliber or higher, in the State's sole discretion. Proposed substitutes deemed by the State to be less qualified than the originally proposed individual may be grounds for pre-award disqualification or post-award termination.

An Extraordinary Personnel Event – means Leave under the Family Medical Leave Act; an incapacitating injury or incapacitating illness; or other circumstances that in the sole discretion of the State warrant an extended leave of absence, such as extended jury duty or extended military service.