Call/Contact Center Contract 2015 Ordering Procedures

Service Type – Call Center

BPO: 060B5400014 (new, effective 1/1/2016)

Commodity Code: 99789-CALCTR
Description: Call Center Statewide BPO

Agency Ordering Procedures

  1. Obtain guidance as needed from the IT Service Desk at (410) 697-9700;
  2. DoIT will only be approving Purchase Orders or Direct Purchase Orders. DoIT will NOT approve Requisitions;
  3. The preferred method for the process would be for the Agencies to create a Direct Purchase Order against the statewide BPO 060B5400014;
    • Once a Direct Purchase Order has been created and the document has advanced through the agency’s approval path, it will then proceed to the DoIT mailbox via the commodity approval path for final approval and posting;
  4. If rejected by DoIT, the document will be returned to the agency initiator for revision and DoIT will make note in the Note Pad why document was rejected. The agency would correct and re-submit the Purchase Order or Direct Purchase Order;
  5. Once DoIT approves, agency will scan and email a copy of the PO to:
    CMD Investment Group, Inc.
    POC @ 410-347-5544​
  6. Upon delivery of services, test and inspect results and work with vendor directly to address any issues as needed;
  7. Escalate order fulfillment issues to the DoIT Telecom Office as needed via the IT Service Desk, (410) 697-9700.