As of October 1, 2019, delegated procurements under the control agencies of the Departments of General Services, Budget and Management, and Information Technology move under the delegated control of the Department of General Services Office of State Procurement. The Departments of Budget and Management and Information Technology are no longer primary procurement units. Policies and procedures established by the control agencies will not change immediately; however, all procurement functions now go through the Office of State Procurement rather than the individual departments.

For details on conducting procurements, using Statewide Contracts, submitting award recommendations for approval, procurement training, and accessing eMaryland Marketplace Advantage, refer to the State’s Procurement website:

Given the State’s initiative to consolidate State procurement in the Department of General Services, ITPO will cease operations effective October 1, 2019. After this date, DGS will assume responsibility for all procurement functions statewide. DoIT will continue to serve in its role as a policymaking and control authority over IT procurements.

It is recommended that agencies first engage with DoIT before resources are expended in the development of solicitations, as this will help reduce rework. Agencies may contact for assistance.