eGovernment Services Contract Definitions

The Self-Funded eGovernment (eGov) contract was procured by the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) via the Competitive Sealed Proposal process in COMAR and was awarded to NICUSA, Inc.  Although the contract owner is DoIT, the eGov contract may be used by all State agencies via a work order (WO) process.   All agencies wishing to use the eGov contract must follow the process defined in this site.

Unlike Master Contracts with multiple Master Contractors that require a secondary level of competition, the eGov contract has only one contractor (NICUSA, Inc.) and does not require additional competition.  See Frequently Asked Questions for other differences between the eGov contract and multiple-vendor Master Contracts.


eGov Contract:  The contract #060B7400004 between DoIT and NICUSA, Inc. to provide eGov applications and services to the State of Maryland.

eGov Contractor:  NICUSA, Inc.

Requesting Agency:  The State of Maryland agency seeking to have DoIT/NICUSA, Inc. develop a proposal to develop and/or support an eGov initiative.

Work Order (WO) process:  The method through which an agency interested in using the eGov contract develops the scope of the proposed engagement, submits that request to DoIT/NICUSA,Inc. for consideration and proposal and awards work under this vehicle.

Work Order Request (WOR):  The formal request made by a Requesting Agency soliciting a proposal from the eGov contractor.

Work Order Agreement (WO Agreement):  The formal contract between the Requesting Agency and the eGov contractor resulting for the Requesting Agencies acceptance of a Work Order Proposal.

Work Order Proposal (WO Proposal):  The eGov contractor’s technical and financial response to a Requesting Agency’s WOR.

eGov Governance Board (eGov Board):  A Committee established by DoIT that will review and approve Work Order Requests and Work Order Proposals.  Members will work with NICUSA, Inc. to identify services that align agency business and technology plans with State business technology and goals and  objectives.

Work Order Procurement Officer (WO Procurement Officer):  The Requesting Agency’s procurement officer responsible for the execution of the WO process.

Work Order Manager (WO Manager):  The Requesting Agency’s representative for management of the work performed under the WOA.

Work Order Business Point of Contact (POC):  The person in the Requesting Agency responsible for the development of the scope of the WOR.

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