20-01 IT Policy Program

Purpose: Implements the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) Secretary’s memo​randum of November 15, 2019, which establishes an online IT Policy Catalog and an IT Policy Review Board. Provides the process for policy development, approval, posting, modification, and use by planning and operations groups at DoIT and other State agencies.​

Policy Statement: In order to continually optimize State agency development, delivery, and use of IT resources and services, and in accordance with Maryland State Law, DoIT will issue policy and standards via an online catalog on the DoIT website to guide the full lifecycle of IT planning and operations. DoIT will provide Agencies with at least 30 days advance notice for the establishment or modification of an IT policy and will provide a process for Agency feedback during development.

Applicable Law & Other Policy:

  • MD State Finance and Procurement Code Ann. § 3A-301-309

Scope and Responsibilities: All units of the Executive Branch of the State Government are required to comply with this Policy. Agency executives and applicable staff covered by this Policy shall ensure adherence.

Key Terms:

Department of Information Technology (DoIT): An executive branch unit of Maryland state government, organized according to Maryland Code, State Finance and Procurement Article, § 3A.

IT Resource: IT hardware, software, data, facilities and related resources.

Policy: A statement of jurisdiction and methods to guide agencies in the management of IT resources and services.

Units: All executive branch units of state government, except those identified in Maryland Code, SF&P § 3A-302.​

Technical Specifications:​

  1. Policy Template: The template will be used to develop and promulgate IT policy.

  2. Policy Catalog: An online repository of IT policy​.​

  3. Policy Steps: The following general steps will be used in developing IT policy:

    • Step 1: Identification. A needed policy area is identified by an ITPRB member for development approval by the Secretary, who designates the sponsor.

    • Step 2: First Draft. The ITPRB Manager works with the sponsor to create the initial draft policy and presents it at the next Board meeting (target timeline is 2 weeks).

    • Step 3: Second Draft w/ Attachments. Feedback is incorporated and attachments are developed or outlined by the sponsor who presents it to the Board (target timeline is 2 weeks).

    • Step 4. Final Draft. Final draft with attachments is briefed to the Secretary at Board meeting for approval consideration (target timeline is 2 weeks).

Policy Review: By the DoIT IT Policy Review Board annually or as needed.

Contact Information: Chair, IT Policy Review Board, doit-oea@maryland.gov 410-697-9724.


Signed 20-01 IT Policy Program
The PDF version of this policy represents the authoritative policy document. This PDF version of the policy shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency between the signed policy document and the text presented on this page.​​​​​​​


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