20-13 RSA Programs

Purpose: To establish a comprehensive programmatic framework to which all State information technology (IT) Resource Sharing Agreements (RSAs) subject to DoIT oversight will adhere.

Policy Statement: The sharing of State resources (e.g., towers, rights of way, roof tops, bridges, etc.) increases Agency mission effectiveness and lowers operating costs. Accordingly, Agencies covered by this policy must comply with the provisions of the State Resource Sharing Law and shall do so using the procedures provided in the attached RSA Program Policy Manual.

Applicable Law & Other Policy: MD State Finance and Procurement Code Ann. Sections 3A-301; 3A-303; 3A307. Maryland, Transportation Article (TA) § 8-654 & Maryland, Public Utilities Article (PU) § 5-410 & 8-103 & Local Government Article (L”), § 1-708 (c).

Scope and Responsibilities: This Policy applies to all Agencies or units of the Executive Branch and commissions of Maryland State Government (“Agencies”) as delineated in State Finance & Procurement Article (“SF&P”) § 3A-307, in connection with information technology proposals involving resource sharing (“Resource Sharing Agreements” or “RSA(s)”) with private industry for the use of a State resource.

Key Terms: Provided in Section 5 of the IT RSA Program Policy Manual (Attachment 1).

Technical Specifications: Provided in Section 5 of the IT RSA Program Policy Manual.

Policy Review: By the DoIT IT Policy Review Board annually or as needed.

Contact Information: Chair, Public Safety Communications, norman.farley@maryland.gov 410-697-9681. The Policy #20-13 steward is the Chief, Public Safety Communications.​​

Signed 20-13 Resource Sharing Agreements​​​​​​
The PDF version of this policy represents the authoritative policy document. This PDF version of the policy shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency between the signed policy document and the text presented on this page.​