20-05 Intake Process

Purpose: Provide a framework for how Special IT Requests shall be managed from inception to completion.

Policy Statement: In an ongoing effort to improve customer satisfaction and service delivery, the Department ofbInformation Technology (DoIT) has instituted the Special IT Request Management portfolio and policy. This policy provides state and local agencies with a single interface for inquiring about and requesting services. Moreover, this policy provides a holistic view of IT needs across all organizations and aids DoIT in identifying commonalities that, if pursued, could mitigate risk, reduce redundant solutions, increase efficiencies and decrease cost statewide. Conformance with this policy promotes an organized method by which DoIT receives requests for services, delivers services, and responds to inquiries. Deviation from the Special Request Management policy could result in delays, incomplete work product, increased costs, and other unforeseen complications.

Applicable Law & Other Policy: MD State Finance and Procurement Code Ann. § 3A-301-309

Scope and Responsibilities: All executive branch units of state government, except those identified in Maryland Code, SF&P § 3A-302. Agency executives, managers and staff shall ensure compliance with this policy.

Key Terms:

Department of Information Technology (DoIT): An executive branch unit of Maryland state government, organized according to Maryland Code, State Finance and Procurement Article, § 3A.

Major Information Technology Development Project (MITDP): DoIT is responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of MITDPs. Additional information can be found on the DoIT website: https://doit.maryland.gov/epmo/Pages/MITDP/oversight.aspx

Service Catalog: The DoIT Service Catalog is comprised of services that are made managed the DoIT service delivery teams and made available to State of Maryland units of government. Additional information can be found on the DoIT website: https://doit.maryland.gov/support/Pages/sc_index.aspx

Policy: A statement of jurisdiction and methods to guide agencies in the management of IT resources and services.

Units: All executive branch units of state government, except those identified in Maryland Code, SF&P § 3A-302.

Technical Specifications:
To submit a Special Request, state or local government agencies should send an email to doit.intake@maryland.gov. Examples include:

  • Obtaining new services from the DoIT Service Catalogue

  • Modifying services currently being provided by DoIT

  • Identifying IT solutions to address evolving business needs

  • Leveraging existing or initiating new MITDP projects

  • Connecting agencies with available master contract vehicles and other state-wide solutions

  • Assisting in the development of long-term IT strategy and roadmap planning

  • Providing technical writing services to prepare IT solicitations for review

  • Conducting IT solicitation reviews

To support the Special IT Request Management process, DoIT established a Special Request Steering Committee to review new requests and determine the best course of action. This Committee meets weekly and consists of the DoIT Senior Leadership team who possess the expertise necessary for vetting and triaging requests. Following committee review, the request will be assigned to the appropriate DoIT group for further evaluation. Depending on the urgency and complexity of the request, DoIT will facilitate additional conversations with the requesting agency accordingly. The Special Request Management process consists of the following phases:

Begins Ends
Intake When DoIT receives a Special Request from an agency When the Steering Committee assigns the request to the appropriate group for evaluation
Evaluation When the request owner receives notice of the assignment When the request owner delivers a decision to the Steering Committee on how a request might be resolved, and that decision is accepted
Agreement When the proposed resolution is accepted by the Steering Committee When the details of the planned resolution and its costs are documented and agreed to by DoIT and the requesting agency.
Delivery When the agreement is documented and complete When the requesting agency and DoIT agree that all requested work is complete
Payment When work is complete When DoIT receives payment from requesting agency as agreed
Closing W​hen payment is complete When the request record is closed

Policy Review: By the DoIT IT Policy Review Board annually or as needed.

Contact Information: Chair, IT Policy Review Board, doit-oea@maryland.gov 410-697-9724. The Policy #20-06 steward is the IT Portfolio Officer Team Leader.​​​

Signed 20-05 Intake Request Process
The PDF version of this policy represents the authoritative policy document. This PDF version of the policy shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency between the signed policy document and the text presented on this page.​​​​​


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