20-10 IT Support for Telework

Purpose: Provide guidance on the process for Maryland State agencies to use in managing Accountable information technology (IT) assets that used to support employee and contractor telework.

Policy Statement: Consistent with State law and policies related to telework, agencies will utilize the process described in Appendix A for relocating accountable IT assets that is needed by employees to perform their work functions at a telework location.

Applicable Law & Other Policy:

  • MD State Finance and Procurement Code Ann. § 3A-301-309

  • Governor’s Executive Order 01.01.2019.07

  • MD State Government Code §10-1301-1308

  • MD Department of General Services, Inventory Control Manual, July 2012

Scope and Responsibilities: All executive branch units of state government, except those identified in Maryland Code, SF&P § 3A-302. Agency executives, managers and staff shall ensure compliance with this policy.

Key Terms:

Department of Information Technology (DoIT): An executive branch unit of Maryland state government, organized according to Maryland Code, State Finance and Procurement Article, § 3A.

Policy: A statement of jurisdiction and methods to guide agencies in the management of IT resources and services.

Telework: Agency-approved work locations for employees and contractors.

Accountable Assets: Accountable assets are those IT assets which are subject to the controls detailed in these policies and procedures.

Technical Specifications: See Appendix A.

Policy Review: By the DoIT IT Policy Review Board annually or as needed.

Contact Information: Chair, IT Policy Review Board, doit-oea@maryland.gov 410-697-9724. The Policy #20-23 steward is the DoIT Director, End-User Services.​​​

Signed 20-10 IT Support for Telework
The PDF version of this policy represents the authoritative policy document. This PDF version of the policy shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency between the signed policy document and the text presented on this page.​​​​​​​

IT Policy #20-23, Appendix A
IT Equipment Support for Telework

Scope and Applicability:
Devices covered by this policy include any accountable IT assets as defined in the DGS Inventory Manual and the Desktop and Laptop Configuration Standards Policy.

The process for requesting to take accountable IT assets off-site to a telework location is:

  1. The supervisor must submit a Service Request to the Service Desk
  2. This request will be assigned to an End User Support technician to assist with device collection and documentation.
  3. A transfer document will be completed with the make/model of the device and the serial number or asset tag of the device and will be signed by the employee to confirm they have picked up the equipment and assume responsibility for the item(s). A copy of this document will be attached to the Service Desk service request before closing the ticket as reference.

End-User Responsibilities:
After the appropriate documentation has been completed and signed, it is to be understood that any listed equipment is the responsibility of the user whose signature is displayed on the transfer documentation.

  • Exercise reasonable care in preventing theft and damage.
  • Produce the evidence of recorded devices as requested including mandatory annual inventories. Users will be required to bring all documented devices into a State building for inventory purposes.
  • Bringing items to an authorized location for maintenance, as necessary, if remote support mechanisms are unable to resolve an issue.
  • Supporting the home network, or peripherals not purchased by State agencies and resolving connection issues on their home network or internet connection.

Agency Responsibilities:

  • Completing an inventory, at least annually of devices approved for telework.
  • Reporting Lost equipment to DoIT and their own IT asset manager at the earliest opportunity after the loss is discovered. Agencies will document the loss using DGS Form 950-8, and will follow related procedures, which are available at https://dgs.maryland.gov/Documents/inventory/InventoryControlManual.pdf.

DoIT Responsibilities:

  • All attempts will be made to resolve any equipment issues remotely, either by email, phone or using a remote access tool.

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