20-06 MITDP Fund Disbursements

​​Purpose: Establishes the procedure for to be used when requesting disbursement of funds for a designated Major IT Development Project (MITDP).

Policy Statement: In accordance with Maryland State law, the DoIT Secretary shall designate qualifying information technology (IT) projects from State units as “major”, for which the Secretary is then responsible for implementation oversight and the disbursement of related MITDP funds that have been appropriated by the Legislature. State units will adhere to State Comptroller standards and the DoIT procedure herein to request the disbursement of MITDP funds.

Applicable Law & Other Policy:

  • MD State Finance and Procurement Code Ann. § 3A-301-309 (establishes DoIT and its responsibilities)
  • Governor’s Executive Order 01.01.2019.07
  • MD State Government Code §10-1301-1308
  • MD Comptroller, General Accounting Division (GAD); Disbursement of Appropriated Funds

Scope and Responsibilities: All executive branch units of state government, except those identified in Maryland Code, SF&P § 3A-302. Agency executives, managers and staff shall ensure compliance with this policy.

Key Terms:

Department of Information Technology (DoIT): An executive branch unit of Maryland state government, organized according to Maryland Code, State Finance and Procurement Article, § 3A.

Policy: A statement of jurisdiction and methods to guide agencies in the management of IT resources and services.

Units: All executive branch units of state government, except those identified in Maryland Code, SF&P § 3A-302.

Technical Specifications:
See Appendix A for MITDP funds procedures that fall outside of Comptroller standards.

Policy Review: By the DoIT IT Policy Review Board annually or as needed.

Contact Information: Chair, IT Policy Review Board, doit-oea@maryland.gov 410-697-9724. The policy steward is the DoIT Director of Finance and Administration.​​​

Signed 20-06 MITDP Fund Disbursements
The PDF version of this policy represents the authoritative policy document. This PDF version of the policy shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency between the signed policy document and the text presented on this page.​​​​​​​​​


Policy 20-06, Appendix A

Major IT Development Program
Funds Disbursement Procedure

Background. DoIT and covered Units are required to follow all statutory requirements associated with MITDPs. DoIT has adopted the Comptroller’s standards for administering disbursement of funds placed into the MITDP fund. DoIT has also adopted the standards set forth below. Covered Units are required to comply with the MITDP Funds Disbursement Policy and the overarching Department of Budget and Management process for authorization of fund expenditures and disbursements.

Funds Disbursement Request Procedure. Most MITDP funds disbursement requests are made by State units to reimburse expenditures on that IT project. Such requests will be made using the following procedure* on a quarterly basis (usually in early July, October, January, and April).

  1. Request for reimbursement made by project team on a quarterly basis, including:
    • Appropriate records from financial system
    • Invoice detail backup
  2. Expenditure verified by EPMO (for compliance to project and consistency with spend plan)
  3. Reimbursement request reviewed by fiscal office (to confirm that amounts tie back to source of record in state financial system and verifies funds against legislative appropriation for the project).
  4. Funds transfer performed by DoIT on an annual basis as part of year end closure process.

* Note: this process is used by the DoIT Finance Office for accounts payable actions that fall outside GAD standards.​

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