Nonvisual Access Guidance: Regulation .12 Compliance Certification

Each Executive Branch agency is required to submit an information technology plan to the Department of Information Technology. State Fin. & Proc. §3A-305(a)(2) The Department distributes to State agencies the guidelines and instructions for preparing and submitting the plan (Agency Information Technology Master Plan) annually.

Following adoption of the regulation, the Agency Information Technology Master Plan Guidelines and Instructions manual will include a compliance certification to satisfy the requirement of the regulation. A sample certification format is shown below. In instances where the procurement of information technologies or the provision of information technology services by or on behalf of the State government unit has been proposed in the Agency Information Technology Master Plan and a corresponding annual budget request, but funding has not yet been approved and the technologies have not yet been procured or provided, a unit of State government is not required to certify that the information technologies are nonvisually accessible.

Sample Executive Summary: IT Policy Matrix
(Estimated policy date only required if agency has no policy and has not adopted statewide policy.)

Statewide IT Policy

Adopted Statewide Po​​licy? (Yes/ No)

If not, is there an Agency Po​licy? (Yes/ No)

Estimated Policy Date? (Month/ Year)

How is Policy Enforced?

IT Security

Cellular Telephones and Services

Nonvisual Access*


*By submitting this Agency ITMP to the Department of Information Technology, we certify that information technologies procured, and services provided, by or on behalf of our unit of State government on or after March 1, 2005 are at a minimum compliant with COMAR 14.33.02. We do not, however, certify that information technologies proposed in the Agency ITMP and the corresponding budget request, but not yet initially funded, are nonvisually accessible.

Pursuant to State Fin. & Proc. §3A-307, the Secretary of Information Technology may review any information technology project for consistency with the statewide master information technology plan; any information technology project selected for review may not be implemented without the approval of the Secretary of Information Technology.

Agency Heads may want to ensure that compliance with policy, standards and procedures for information technologies is reported to them periodically. It is recommended that agencies prepare an Executive Summary: IT Policy Matrix on a semi-annual basis for internal use. Note: The Department of Information Technology does not oversee this agency-level internal reporting.​​​​​​​​​