Geographic Information System (GIS)




​MD iMap The MD iMAP platform was created to improve the quality and lower the cost of government services, through collective investment in and effective application of geospatial data and systems and to reach beyond government by making data fr​eely and publicly available to the fullest extent possible in consideration of privacy and security.​
ArcGIS Online for Maryland​ ArcGIS Online for Maryland is Maryland's organization on Esri's AGOL Cloud Platform. This resource is an online collection of apps, data, geographic knowledge and maps relating to all aspects of Maryland State Government. It also offers access to web application development tools for quick deployment of interactive mapping applications, which are accessible on any device, desktop or mobile. ArcGIS Online for Maryland is enabling State agencies to collaborate by sharing geospatial data between agencies and sharing informative maps and apps with the public. Many of the maps in our Map Gallery are powered by ArcGIS Online
Maryland GeoShare
​Maryland Geo S​hare is the second of Maryland's ArcGIS Online Organizations. This resource is an online collection of data, maps, apps, tools, and geographic knowledge, built to maintain a strong relationship between Local, Regional, Universities and State GIS. It also offers access to groups committed to sharing data and information during emergencies and steady state to help Maryland be a more resilient, prepared, and responsive state. MD Geo Share is a platform that not only allows local, regional and university GIS users to collaborate with the State and each other, but also allows the State to collaborate with the Federal Government Agencies. An additional benefit is the ability for Emergency Managers and GIS users within Local Jurisdictions to host and maintain a suite of damage collection tools. The Damage Collection Web Map, Collector App, and Operation Dashboard are all available to jurisdictions willing to engage them with State support.
GIS Data Catalog The GIS Data Catalog service provides all GIS data that is hosted and maintained within the MD iMap infrastructure as well as some Agency partners through a federation process. This catalog allows users to quickly search for the latest data and geographic content from Maryland contributors. Data can be downloaded into multiple formats or accessed via APIs for local use.
Open Data Portal The Open Data Portal provides numerous, additional geographic and non-geographic data sets that are available for search. Built-in tools allow for visualization of the data in a table, graph or map format. The Portal is managed by DOIT with contributions from many State and Local agencies.​​
Imagery ​​Aerial imagery is essential for giving 9-1-1 dispatchers the proper context in the event of an emergency call. Thanks to a dedicated funding stream from Maryland’s Emergency Number Systems Board and support from local governments, publicly accessible aerial imagery for the entire state is available and updated on a three year cycle.
LiDAR ​The Maryland LiDAR service provides open access to statewide elevation information for use in a variety of studies and applications. The Maryland LiDAR server maintains the best available elevation data and provides image services in both county and statewide extents.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Address Lookup The Address Lookup Service is a collaborative effort between State agencies and local jurisdictions, Maryland's Composite Locator was developed to provide a single, robust geocode service for Maryland. The composite locator maps tabular data by matching it against geospatial features from multiple data sources.​​