Infrastructure Services

DoIT provides a number of IT infrastructure-related services to Executive Branch State agencies.

VPN Remote Access Services




The Maryland Department of Information Technology (DoIT) offers Maryland state agencies a secure, centralized VPN remote access platform.

A customer can use a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) or state assigned mobile device that is capable of supporting client software. The client software is able to establish a VPN connection from the mobile computing device back to the agency network, thereby making the mobile device an extension of the network or use the HTML5 web portal to gain access to customer network resources.

Features and Benefits

DoIT Certificate Management: Customers that leverage the managed SSL certificate repository will benefit from DoIT monitoring certificate expiration.

Centralized Remote Access VPN Support Team: One of the key benefits of enterprise remote access is a dedicated unit (including people, processes and technologies) that is structured as a centralized point of service and is focused on the administration and maintenance for delivery of core VPN functions. These functions are supported by DoIT Cloud Enterprise Shared Services Team. This offers customers a way to offload the complexities associated with managing a VPN solutions, especially as it relates to new hardware purchases.

Costs Savings: Customers have a driving need to lower capital and operational costs. By purchasing a managed solution, economies of scale are created , lowering overall total cost of ownership through volume pricing.

Security: Another big driver is lower risk, especially for small to mid-sized customers, mobile users or remote offices. Gain peace of mind knowing that all VPN traffic is secured and all VPN connections are encrypted endpoint to endpoint. All transmissions are encrypted in transit through an SSL protected link. Encryption is FIPS-140-2 compliant.

Department Owner
Infrastructure Services

Service Owner
Ronald L. Mundy

Service Contact
DoIT Service Desk

Currently offered

Eligible Customers

Enterprise Agencies Yes
Standalone (Non-Enterprise) Agencies No
Counties No
Local Municipalities No
Public No


Service Prerequisites


Before service can be provisioned, the customer must meet the following requirements:

DoIT Provided Services
  • Current enterprise customer
  • Customers of DoIT firewall services
  • Standardized network architecture
  • Statewide government intranet compliant IP address space.
Technical N/A
Non-Technical N/A



Scope of Service


This section outlines the area of responsibility between the provider (DoIT) and the customer.

In Scope VPN Remote Access
Out of Scope Purchasing state owned equipment is the responsibility of the custer requesting VPN access.
Customer Responsibilities Customers should note that scheduled desktop patch remediation could interfere with VPN services by invoking pre-boot authentication. As a way to avoid pre-boot authentication, customers should know their agency’s patch management schedule. When possible, customers should plan ahead to restart their computers the previous day, log back into their computers and ensure their back online before leaving for the day. This process will ensure all patches were applied successfully, the computer is fully restarted and not stuck at the pre-boot authentication password.

Service Level Agreements

Category Enterprise Customer Standalone (Non-Enterprise) Customer
Availability 99.9% Uptime 99.9% Uptime
Capacity No No
Support Hours 8AM - 5PM Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM Monday - Friday
Maintenance Schedules N/A N/A
Upgrades and Refreshes N/A N/A

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