Infrastructure Services


DoIT provides a number of IT infrastructure-related services to Executive Branch State agencies.






Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
​DoIT offers Maryland State agencies a secure, centralized private cloud Virtual Operating Environment (VOE) to host their application workloads.
Wireless LAN ​Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) services provide user mobility within an Enterprise agency office building to authorized State employees, contractual employees, and contractors (State workers). State workers are seamlessly integrated with their agency's home network environment when connected to the WLAN. The service is also capable of providing visitors to agency office buildings with access the Internet via a guest network. WLAN services meet the State CISO security standards and policies designed for two types of wireless users - secured (credentialed host and user) and non-secured.
LAN/WAN ​​LAN Services provides Local Area Network infrastructure within a building or campus environment, which enables data communications among local resources with an organization. These service support the infrastructure components [wired and wireless] and resources required to enable connectivity from end-user computing devices. The service includes equipment, maintenance, configuration, administration, monitoring, and support of the customer premise networking infrastructure.

The Wide Area Network (WAN) service offers statewide Internet Protocol (IP) data communications connectivity at commercially available rates to any authorized government entity. The managed WAN service connects the customer's Local Area Network (LAN) to other customer locations, other state agencies, and to the Internet using the state network, networkMaryland. DoIT provides consultation to aid in the selection of data services.
Voice The Voice Systems Unit delivers telephony services to State workers through the management of traditional and next-generation PBX systems in State office buildings. These services include desktop telephones, voice mail, Automated Call Distribution (ACD) systems, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. The unit manages six (6) statewide voice contracts, assists agencies with project management and technical expertise, and reviews vendor-generated invoices.