networkMaryland ™

networkMaryland™​ is the State’s private high-speed network that supports public sector data transport and common service delivery. Built using a combination of existing fiber optic cable assets and the installation of additional fiber and wireless infrastructure, networkMaryland™ provides a cost effective solution for wide area and Internet connectivity as well as perimeter security defenses to protect networks for intrusions. Additionally, networkMaryland™ provides the statewide government Intranet which allows agencies to host and share common applications.




​Internet ​​networkMaryland™ provides broadband connections to the Internet, analogous to the routed services provided by a traditional Internet Service Provider (ISP). networkMaryland™ provides the routed network infrastructure over which its Internet Service customers communicate to the World Wide Web.
DNS The DNS Service provides Domain Name System (DNS) resolution to internal and external users, enabling resolution of server and service addresses on the Internet and the Statewide Government Intranet (SwGI). For customers hosting servers accessible to the Internet or SwGI, the service provides DNS servers that enable name-to-IP address resolution to occur. The DNS service also provides users of the networkMaryland™ Internet Service name-to-IP address resolution to reach hosts on the Internet.
SwGI networkMaryland™ provides private network connectivity among Government entities and partners using the StateWide Government Intranet (SwGI) and the One Maryland Broadband Network (OMBN). SwGI is a private, trusted network that provides a centralized resource for State entities to communicate with other State governmental entities and data centers. SwGI allows State agencies to create and share resources like FMIS, WebFleet Master, DNS, MVA applications and Criminal Justice Information Systems to other governmental partners.
VPRN The ​networkMaryland™ Virtual Private Routed network (VPRN) services provides a subscriber a virtual network cloud using MultiProtocol Layer Switching (MPLS) technology across the State’s backbone. The private routed network allows subscribers to provide services to multiple offices from a primary data center, or multiple data center locations. VPRN deconstructs the traditional hub and spoke architecture and provides a flat network between all locations, providing better use of bandwidth resources by removing the traditional congestion points caused by routing all traffic through a central data center or hub location. All sites on the VPRN communicate in a virtual full mesh with any-to-any connectivity; but, with the benefit of only needing one connection to the network.
Private Line Private line services are dedicated Layer 2 connections across the network backbone for customers that desire dedicated location to location connectivity.
Perimeter Defense Services Perimeter Defense Services places an agency's point of presence behind a next generation firewall. A 24x7x365 staffed SOC ensures the highest level of network protection is available to the Perimeter Defense Services customer. Services include White and Black listing, Data Loss Prevention, Asset Management, Alert Management, Alert Analysis and remediation advice, quarantine services, advanced threat detection, and exfiltration protection by enabling Deep Packet Inspection (e.g. malicious activity and malware including ransomware). A variety of customizable reporting is included.