Contract Management Oversight Methodology: Hardware 2012 Master Contract

This page describes the contract management oversight methodology for the statewide Hardware 2012 Master Contract.  Individual Purchase Order Request for Proposals (PORFP) valued at $50,000 or above are subject to oversight. 

Overview: This methodology involves the review of contract award packages submitted by agencies and approved by DoIT. Agency award packages are based on the Hardware 2012 Award Package Checklist issued by DoIT. The purpose of the checklist is to guide agencies on following contract procedures and submitting the appropriate information to DoIT to obtain approval for purchases over $50,000. The goal of an oversight review is to determine whether agencies submitted the appropriate information, and by extension, whether DoIT issued appropriate approvals. Given the high volume of purchasing under the Hardware Master Contract, reviews shall focus primarily on award packages selected from agencies with high purchasing volumes and/or high PORFP values.

Documented results of oversight reviews shall capture agency and PORFP identifying information, quality ratings of award package contents, and if warranted, recommended corrective action. If an award package is significantly incomplete or otherwise deficient, corrective action may include DoIT procurement staff following-up with the agency for information and/or the DoIT Contract Management Oversight unit monitoring subsequent award packages from the same agency.

Procedures: Below are the procedures for contract management oversight.
  1. Access physical files of agency award packages
  2. Select for review a sample of PORFPs of high value and/or from agencies with high usage
  3. Review award package contents for adherence to the Hardware 2012 Award Package Checklist
  4. Document results of reviews
  5. Advise DoIT procurement staff to follow-up for incomplete/deficient award package content if warranted
  6. Monitor for repeated incomplete/deficient award packages from the same agency if warranted
  7. Maintain Hardware contract management oversight files