Application Systems Management

The Application Systems Management (ASM) Division supports more than 48,000 customers of the statewide finance, procurement, and human resource applications. By providing ready access to current, complete, and consistent information, these applications provide the functionality necessary to effectively manage statewide administrative processes, and allow Maryland's policy makers and agency managers to make informed business decisions.

ASM is committed to providing systems and services that meet the needs of our customers. If you should experience service or performance degradation, please contact the Customer Service Desk immediately at (410) 697-9700. Suggestions for application improvements and other non-critical, time sensitive issues can be emailed to the Customer Service Desk.​​​​

Financial Management Information System (FMIS) Services




The Maryland Department of Information Technology (DoIT) offers the Financial Management Information System (FMIS) as the official finance system for the State of Maryland. FMIS is comprised of accounting, purchasing and inventory and reporting applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Relational Standard Accounting and Reporting System (R*STARS)
    • Controls appropriations, disbursements and receipts of state funds
    • Provides a full range of business processing, accounting and reporting capabilities, including:
      • Budgeting
      • Fixed Asset Accounting
      • Cost Allocation
      • Document Tracking
      • General Ledger Accounting
      • Revenue Expenditure Accounting
      • Project and Grant Accounting
      • 1099 Processing
      • Federal and State Liability Offset
      • Payment Processing
  • Advanced Purchasing Inventory Control System (ADPICS)
    • Automates activities related to procurement, receiving, payables and inventory functions
    • Provides a comprehensive set of reports and online inquiries used to present procurement and inventory data maintained in the system
    • Reports include table listing and security reports, as well as procurements, payables and inventory reports
    • Provides additional features including:
      • Requisitions
      • Purchase Orders
      • Invoicing/Vouchering
      • Interagency payments
      • Receiving
      • Inventory functions
      • Online inquiries
    • Provides end user access to ADPICS and R*STARS data from a single mainframe repository site
    • Enhances the end user’s capabilities by adding another level of information retrieval to standard reports
    • View the data from R*STARS and ADPICS systems in one FOCUS session
    • ADHOC reporting offers comprehensive selection of standardized, menu drive reports to choose from
    • Web-based reporting application that provides ADPICS reports including:
      • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
      • Small Business Reserve (SBR)
      • Year End Closing (YEC)
      • Blanket Purchase Orders (BPOs)

      Dept. Owner:
      Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

      Service Owner:
      James Roman

      Support Contact:
      DoIT Service Desk

      Currently offered

        Eligible Customers

        Enterprise Agencies Yes
        Standalone (Non-Enterprise) Agencies Yes
        Counties No
        Local Municipalities No
        Public No

        Universities, as part of the University System of Maryland, are included under Standalone (Non-Enterprise) Agencies.


        Service Prerequisites


        Before service can be offered the client must meet the following requirements:

        DoIT Provided Services:
        • Level 2 functional statewide application support
        • Nightly R*STARS batch processing support/maintenance
        • Agency interface process support
        • Application modifications as approved by GAD, ADPICS committee or control agency (DGS, DBM, GOMA)
        • Mainframe 3270 emulator software capable of accessing the Annapolis Data Center
        • Obtain log-in ID for user access to the Annapolis Data Center Mainframe
        • Use the online FMIS Security Form to request access to a specific FMIS application (i.e. R*STARS, ADPICS, FOCUS, etc.), agency approval required.


        Scope of Service


        This section outlines the area of responsibility between the provider (DoIT) and the customer.

        In Scope
        • Custom ad hoc reports that can be produced in less than two days
        • Statewide cyclical training provided at the DoIT training facility in Crownsville, MD
        Out of Scope
        • Individual agency on-site training
        • Individual agency programming and/or application assistance
        • Application customization specific to an agency
        • WEBFocus Support
        • Mainframe operation issues need to go through the Annapolis Data Center Service Desk at 410-260-7400.
        Customer Responsibilities Customers need to provide FMIS document number and if applicable, a screenshot of issue.


        FMIS User Documentation
        Customer Service Desk
        DoIT Training Modules
        DoIT Training Documents


        Service Level Agreements

        Category Enterprise Customer Standalone (Non-Enterprise) Customer
        Availability: 99.9% Uptime 99.9% Uptime
        Capacity: N/A N/A
        Service Hours: 6:30AM - 6:30PM Monday - Friday 6:30AM - 6:30PM Monday - Friday
        Support Hours: 7AM – 9PM Monday – Friday 7AM – 9PM Monday – Friday
        Maintenance Schedules: Sundays (12:00AM - 12:00AM) or as announced Sundays (12:00AM - 12:00AM) or as announced
        Upgrades and Refreshes: N/A N/A