Application Systems Management

The Application Systems Management (ASM) Division supports more than 48,000 customers of the statewide finance, procurement, and human resource applications. By providing ready access to current, complete, and consistent information, these applications provide the functionality necessary to effectively manage statewide administrative processes, and allow Maryland's policy makers and agency managers to make informed business decisions.

ASM is committed to providing systems and services that meet the needs of our customers. If you should experience service or performance degradation, please contact the Customer Service Desk immediately at (410) 697-9700. Suggestions for application improvements and other non-critical, time sensitive issues can be emailed to the Customer Service Desk.​​​​

Information Technology Service Management (ServiceNow) Services​




The Maryland Department of Information Technology (DoIT) offers ServiceNow®, an IT Service Management (ITSM) framework. ServiceNow lets you consolidate fragmented tools and legacy systems, while automating service management processes. ServiceNow gives end-to-end visibility into Information technology practices that focus on aligning IT services with the needs of business.

Features and Benefits

  • Incident Management
    • Manage and track Incidents (a disruption to normal operations)
    • Create an incident from multiple sources
    • Prioritize and assign Incidents to appropriate groups
    • Ability to assign tasks associated with the incident
    • Track incident from creation to resolution
  • IT Operations Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Performance Analytics & Reporting
  • Self Service Portal (available to Enterprise customers) where end users can:
    • Quickly and easily request password resets
    • Read Knowledge Base articles and view training materials
    • View scrolling live feed containing important IT news and announcements
    • Track and monitor service requests
  • Change Management
    • Track scheduled and planned changes to production environments
    • Help increase the speed and consistency in change implementation
    • Minimize risk and errors
    • Provide transparency and communication regarding changes

Dept. Owner:
Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) / ServiceNow Team

Service Owner:
Robert Ellis

Support Contact:
DoIT Service Desk

Currently offered


    Eligible Customers

    Enterprise Agencies Yes
    Standalone (Non-Enterprise) Agencies No
    Counties No
    Local Municipalities No
    Public No



    Service Prerequisites


    Before service can be offered the client must meet the following requirements:

    DoIT Provided Services:
    • Active subscription to one of the DoIT provided services
    • Staff with the need to assign and resolve incidents need an ITIL user account
    • A account is required for access
    • For use by DoIT Enterprise Engineers
    • A la carte as agreed upon by a customer and DoIT

    ITIL users must be approved by manager as there is a cost associated with this role.

    Scope of Service


    This section outlines the area of responsibility between the provider (DoIT) and the customer.

    In Scope
    • Minor customizations to the out-of-the-box processes
    • End user support
    • Manage and maintain the ServiceNow platform
    • Reporting
    Out of Scope
    • Significant customizations that would require outside contractual assistance
    • Onsite training
    Customer Responsibilities
    • Must provide accurate contact information


    Service Level Agreements

    Category Enterprise Customer Standalone (Non-Enterprise) Customer
    Availability: 99.9% Uptime N/A
    Capacity: Unlimited N/A
    Service Hours: 7am – 9pm Monday – Friday N/A
    Maintenance Schedules: Patches and maintenance are performed quarterly by ServiceNow with advanced scheduled times listed. N/A
    Upgrades and Refreshes: Annually N/A